Petr  Mára iOS and OS X deployment & training
Presentation skills and time management

Petr Mára

Prague-born Petr Mara is a certified trainer who has the privilege of working with Apple on the deployment of iOS platform among B2B markets. He lectures within EMEIA region as a part of worldwide series of conferences focused on iOS deployment.

He has a long time technology knowledge, yet his passion lies for years within Apple technologies and time management. This passion drives him while helping emerging and established businesses to deploy iOS within their environment and training employees how to be efficient and productive.

His creed: Efficiency and productivity thru technology’ goes hand in hand with time management for which he is considered to be a pundit in the Czech Republic.

In addition to his family and busy work schedule he is also a cofounder of iCON Prague technology conference, time management trainer and technology columnist for the Czech Forbes magazine.

Want to talk about your deployment possibilities and how Petr might be able to help? Please send an email to and let’s discuss your options.

Presentation skills

No all good speakers were born. Petr shows you how to prepare for a good keynote presentation and everything that comes with it.

iOS and OS X deployment & training

The iOS and OS X adoption rate is growing rapidly. Don’t miss out the opportunity of easing your work.

Time management

It almost seems that there is a toll to live and work in our era. Reduce your stress and increase you capacities at work.

Time management školení


Petra Máry

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Petra Máry

Petr Mára
Petr Mára
7. 2. 2016
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Petra Máry

Petra Máry


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